Jobs and Economy

Creating an environment for business to thrive is one key to getting the economy moving again. Government should be reducing burdensome regulations and taxes to allow business to grow and create new jobs. Contrary to this is Georgia’s Energy tax, which is playing a decisive role in businesses moving to neighboring states to avoid this extra cost. I will fight to eliminate the energy tax in order to keep those jobs in Georgia, and I will support comprehensive tax reform to make Georgia a more competitive state in attracting new businesses while benefiting current businesses.


Georgia’s tax system has not had a substantive update/reform in over thirty years. It is time to look at this issue and give serious consideration to a Fair Tax for Georgia. I am a strong supporter of the national Fair Tax and believe our current system is out of control, confusing, and burdensome. In Georgia, we need to pass comprehensive tax reform that eliminates the income tax on businesses and families and replace it with a fairer, simpler sales tax that would encourage growth, benefit families and businesses and ensure that everyone is paying into the system, including illegal immigrants.

Protect our Traditional, Conservative Values

In the State House, I will stand strong to protect our conservative values. Every life has a value, and I will protect innocent life from conception to natural death. I will never apologize for my faith in God, and I will protect our right to profess our faith as we choose. In addition, I will support efforts that protect our 2nd Amendment rights, preserves marriage as between one man and one woman, and strengthens the family.

Constitutional Conservative

Maintaining the constitutionally prescribed limits on Federal and State authority is crucial to preserving our liberty. Actions by the Federal Government, such as Obamacare, have undermined state authority. We must oppose, and when necessary, go to court to preserve our freedoms. The states are the front line of defense against the left’s radical agenda.

Not only should we be concerned with mandates from the Federal government, the State Legislature must be careful not to create unfunded mandates for County and City governments.

World-Class Education

As a father and spouse of a former teacher, I am concerned about our education system. I believe our children need a quality education, whether it is at a public, private, or home school. A strong education is key to our future leaders becoming successful, and is vital if we are to compete in the 21st century economy. Georgia continues to lag behind in education results, and decades of increased education spending have proved ineffective.

Voting on the Issues
Since coming into office 2012 Timothy has consistently voted on the issues.
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