As a small business owner, I understand that we need pro-business reforms and lower taxes that will foster small businesses and attract new jobs.

As a husband and father, I know that we need a strong Republican who will stand up for our traditional, conservative values of faith and family.

If elected, I will filter every bill that crosses my desk to ensure it empowers the family, lowers taxes, grows jobs, and reduces the size of government.

The Barr Plan:
Attract new jobs through lower taxes.
Lower taxes on families and businesses.
Protect our conservative values.
Cut spending and limit government.
Oppose Obama's radical agenda.
About Timothy
Timothy is the owner of a small family construction company. He and his wife Melinda have a small family with two young daughters.

Timothy was born and raised here in North Georgia on a small farm where he learned responsibility and the importance of hard work. After being part of his grandfather and father’s family business, Timothy started his own company in 2005. As the company has flourished, he has been able to help build two children’s homes and hopes to continue this ministry. Timothy and his wife Melinda have served faithfully in their church and have enjoyed being a part of the youth ministry. God has blessed them with a young family of two daughters, Liberty and Haven, and a son, Maverick.

Timothy and his family attend, Killian Hill Baptist Church.